Hi, I'm Jaydn Goodwin.

I study Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.






Originally born in Kent, England, and grown up in North Fife, Scotland, I now live in Edinburgh and am in my penultimate year at the University of Edinburgh studying Computer Science. I am currently looking for work experience in a web and software development position, but I am also interested in other Computer Science fields such as AI and big data.

I am a passionate and committed individual who is self-motivated and always striving to be the best person I can be, both professionally and personally. I constantly seek for new experiences and being outside my comfort zone in order to learn and develop as a person.

Being a perfectionist, with any project I undertake, I endeavour to do the appropriate research to ensure anything I create is to the highest standard. In particular, I take this approach when making software, as well as in my University efforts.


In my free time I enjoy amateur photography, ice-skating, technology, music, podcasts, meeting new people, creating things and, if I have time, video games.

Strengths & Qualities


Design and implementation of a multi-player collaborative location-based Android application, called Coinz.

Amateur photography, including long exposure and portrait shoots.

This website, as well as other various web design projects, such as my cv.

Work in progress web application based on the drinking game Ring of Fire.

Work in progress Android video game application, called TappyCoin.

Watch this space.


This Website

To get in touch email me at:

[email protected]